Start a Thai Business for Selling Food and Beverages

Updated on Thursday 19th July 2018

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The Thai food and beverage market is an important one, with high revenue driven both by nationals and a large number of tourists who visit the country each year. The main characteristic of the industry and the one that allows for a high growth rate is its uniqueness, as Thai food is appreciated around the world.
In order to start a Thai business for selling food and beverages, entrepreneurs will need to follow the Thailand company formation procedure. Special conditions are in place for foreign nationals as the selling of food and drinks is not permitted to these types of investors who cannot have full foreign ownership. However, those interested can reach out to our agents who will give you comprehensive information about how to enter into a partnership with a Thai national.

Set up a food and beverages business in Thailand

The list below highlights the main steps needed to open this type of business in Thailand:
  1. Choose a company type: the private company and the public company are two available options, with the latter requiring more promoters (Thai nationals).
  2. Register the company documents: the Memorandum and Bylaws of the company are drawn up as the constitutive documents of the company.
  3. Registration: all businesses are registered with the Department of Business Development belonging to the Ministry of Commerce; a subsequent step is to register for tax purposes.
  4. Licensing: companies that sell food and beverages, most notably alcoholic beverages, need to obtain a license certificate. 
One of our Thai company formation agents can give you more details about each of these steps.

Alternatives to opening a company in the food and beverage industry

One alternative to starting a new business that sells food and drinks is to enter into a franchise. This business sector abounds with opportunities, from coffee chains to dessert shops or restaurants. These can be particularly attractive because of the niche products they sell on the Thai market.
For more information about franchising and the food and beverage industry, please contact our agents who specialize in company formation in Thailand.