Start a Ship Repair Company in Thailand

Updated on Thursday 29th March 2018

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Shipyard repair centers in Thailand provide the needed repair, conversion or maintenance work for various types of vessels.

In order to start a ship repair company in Thailand investors will need to incorporate a company and find suitable premises to locate their shipyard repair near a port.

Company formation in Thailand is subject to a number of rules and investors are advised to seek proper guidance and counseling whenever necessary for various industries, including in the maritime field.

Shipyards and ship repair in Thailand

Thailand has more than ten major ports that include both commercial ports and regional ports. Their development and maintenance fall under the attributions of the Port Authority of Thailand.

Because the country has a large inbound and outbound number of various types of vessels, ship services are needed both by local ships and by international vessels.

Ship repair services in Thailand will include general repair services in case of most companies. However, some businesses can focus only on a niche category of repair work such as the repair of alarm systems, electrical items, engineering repair, compressors repair and others.

Investors will need to consider the initial investment in the business. Location is important for a ship repair yard as it will have to be located close to one of the Thai ports. It will need to provide anchorage facilities as well as transportation services for the repaired ships. According to the types of activities that will take place in the repair yard, investors will need to consider the costs associated with equipment but also with hiring engineers and other qualified staff.

A ship repair company can also be involved in the conversion of ships or actual shipbuilding. One of our Thai company formation agents can give you complete details about the special permits and licenses that may be needed for this type of activity.

Opening a company in Thailand

Company formation in Thailand is subject to a set of rules and regulations. Although foreign investment has been liberalized and is currently encouraged, foreign investors should know that some restrictions are in place in terms of ownership percentage in a company.

Our company registration agents in Thailand can give you complete details about the steps for starting a company. Contact us for more information about the services we provide to local and foreign investors.