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Updated on Wednesday 01st November 2017

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Foreign investors interested in expanding their business operations on the Thai market should know that they have several options under which they can do business here. A first method refers to the incorporation of a new company, a process which requires the completion of many legal aspects; the second option refers to the purchase of a shelf company, which can be an advantageous option for entrepreneurs who want to run the company as soon as possible. Businessmen who want to acquire a shelf company can receive assistance on this matter from our experts in company registration in Thailand

You can also find out how to buy a Thai ready-made company from the video below:

What is a Thai shelf company?

A shelf company in Thailand, or a ready-made company, is a business which has already been incorporated and it is available for purchase. The main advantage of this type of company is the fact that the investor can start his business immediately after the purchase. Thus, he no longer has to go through the company registration procedure in Thailand.  

The purchase of a shelf company is a rather simple process, which consists of the transfer of ownership from the current owner to the buyer. The transfer of ownership is represented by the transfer of company’s shares to the new owner. 

A ready-made business in Thailand has a registered business address and appointed directors; the new owner will have to appoint new directors for the company; our Thai company formation specialists can offer you more details on this subject. 

How can I purchase a shelf company in Thailand?

Foreign investors who want to open a company in Thailand should know that at the purchase of a ready-made business they will have to change the following aspects after the transfer of ownership:

•    director of the company;
•    company name;
•    company seal;
•    shareholders;
•    company address. 

As a general rule, the process of buying a shelf company can last one or two days until the transfer of ownership is completed. If the shelf company was registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) but it remained dormant and had no commercial activities, the company is still required to file VAT returns on a monthly basis, specifying that the business had no income. 

If you need further information on the shelf company, please contact our consultants who can also help you open a new company in Thailand



March 10, 2016

I believe that is so much easier to purchase a company that has already been incorporated because the process of owning the business is very simple and straightforward.

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