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Updated on Wednesday 01st November 2017

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Entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Thailand should know that they can set up a virtual office, through which they can have a business presence on this market. The virtual office, which offers businessmen a new way of doing businesses, has a set of financial advantages, which can reduce the costs of your business activities in Thailand. If you are interested in purchasing a virtual office package here, our Thai company formation specialists can provide you with assistance in this matter. 


The meaning of a virtual office in Thailand 

virtual office is a modern solution if you want to establish a corporate presence on a certain market. The virtual office is a place where a company has access to all the modern communications means and where it receives various documents; if the company has employees, they can conduct their activity from any convenient location. As such, the virtual office represents a flexible and modern way of having a business presence in a foreign country; our experts in company registration in Thailand can offer you a cutomized virtual office package in Bangkok or in any other major city in this country.

Advantages of a virtual office in Thailand 

Foreign businessmen who want to expand their business activities in Thailand, but who do not need a physical location to conduct their operations here may opt for a virtual office, which can represent an attractive way for establishing a business presence on the Thai market.  

virtual office is a very cost effective solution for those investors who want to open a company in Thailand, as there are no conventional lease expenses; also, there are no maintenance costs and the employment expenses are lower, as most of the employees are having a legal status of individual contractors, rather than being employed in a company. 

Depending on the services you want to receive when opting for a virtual officeour company registration specialists in Thailand can assist you in obtaining the following: 

•    a prestigious business address, useful especially of you want to open a company in Thailand;
•    mail services;
•    a receptionist;
•    a telephone number;
•    fax services;
•    a conference room;

If you need further information about the virtual office in Thailand, please contact our local company formation specialists, who can offer their assistance on this matter. 



February 10, 2016

The virtual office seems to be a very interesting solution; I believe this is an attractive way of doing business, which can have a set of advantages for the owner of the business, but also for its employees.


February 17, 2016

Your article is very useful. I was looking for a low cost solution in order to do business in Thailand and a virtual office seems a great idea. Could you tell me more?

Hello Anne and thank you for your appreciation. We can give you more details and an offer for this type of service in Thailand. Please send us an e-mail at office(at) and we will reply right away. Have a great day!

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