5 reasons to invest in Bangkok

Updated on Wednesday 21st June 2017

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After 2016, which was considered the golden year for Thailand start-ups, Bangkok has continued its fast economic development in 2017.  Many expats rent a property in Bangkok and start a company in this city, which is fermenting with business ideas and opportunities. If you intend to open a company in Bangkok and explore the Thai market from its capital city, you can rely on the experience of our consultants in company formation in Thailand, for advice and support with the registration process of your enterprise.

1. Skilled workforce in Thailand

One of the most important reasons which brings foreign investors in the capital of Thailand is the demographic aspect. With a population with high literacy level, young and motivated, Bangkok has invested a lot in its society. Moreover the government ensures a very stable climate, allowing business projects to spread and to gain confidence in the market. 

2. Bangkok's infrastructure 

Foreign investors who want to open a company in Thailand consider as well those aspects related to infrastructure. Bangkok offers important connections on the Eastern market as well as highly developed road networks, railways and reliable public transportation. Therefore, an enterprise in Bangkok can be sure that its projects won’t be delayed by the backdrops in infrastructure. 

Our consultants in company formation in Thailand can analyze in detail your project and emphasise the specific business opportunities that you may find in Bangkok.

3. The advantageous tax system 

Another reason which has made Bangkok start-up market to boom in the last years is the taxation system. Investors are frequently granted reductions or exemptions for the corporate tax, from 20% to 0%, depending on the net profit of the company. As such a company with a net profit smaller than 300,000 THB won't be obliged to pay a corporate tax, and companies whose profit is between 300,001 and 3 million will only pay a reduced corporate tax of 15%, thus small and medium enterprises are highly encouraged and supported by the tax policy in Thailand. Moreover, transfer fees costs for purchase of a property are of only of 2% and are shared by the buyer and the seller. 

4. Familiar corporate framework in Bangkok

An important aspect which brings more foreign investors in Bangkok is the legal structures available in Thailand which offer the same rights and benefits to its citizens and to foreigners and expats. If you want to start an enterprise in this city you can choose from one of the following legal forms:

Limited company;
Joint Venture;
or to open a Representative Office.


5. Bangkok as a well-connected place

If you want to invest in Thailand you shouldn’t neglect the important opportunities that Bangkok offers in terms of connections with the rest of the world. It is hard to find a better place for extending your business on the Asian market, thanks to the trade relations established between Bangkok and Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Moreover, although placed in the far East, Thailand has also powerful relations with Western Europe and the U.S. thus not limiting in any way your access to the global market.

Feel free to contact our specialists in company registration in Thailand in order to find out how to choose your business structure in Bangkok and what documents you need for registration.

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