Thai Business Visa

Updated on Tuesday 14th April 2020

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Foreign citizens who want to open a company in Thailand need to obtain the business visa, also known as the non-immigrant B visa. Our experts in company formation in Thailand are able to offer you detailed information and legal assistance when preparing the documents, in order to receive the Thai business visa. Besides that, you can solicit help and guidance if you want to open a company in Thailand.

What you need to know about the Thai business visa

The non-immigrant B visa or the Thai business visa is available with the work permit, for all individuals who wish to legally work in Thailand or to set up a company. Specific requirements are necessary to be accomplished by people who want to receive a Thai business visa, such as having a clear criminal background, a valid passport, a bank report that shows the needed amount of money for the entire stay, the completed application form found at the Immigration Office or on the internet page of the institution in charge with the visas. The Thai business visa is available for 90 days and can also be extended. It is good to know that the company formation in Thailand is a simple process, and our Thai consultants can provide you with guidance if you are interested in this matter.

Employment Thai visa

This type of visa is available for citizens who wish to legally work in Thailand and the first step in obtaining it is to apply in the country they live in.  An available passport for at least six months is necessary in order to apply for the employment visa. Besides the bank statements that show you can financially support yourself you will need to prepare other documents requested by the Thai Embassy and an invitation letter that shows the reasons for your travel in Thailand and the type of work you will have. This visa is available for 90 days, with the possibility to extend it at a Thai Consulate in Bangkok. If your work in Thailand implies travels outside the country, you might need a re-entry visa or a new visa.

Our company registration agents in Thailand are able to offer you the necessary documentation about the types of visas you need to enter Thailand, including the Thai business visa for investors who wish to set up a company in Thailand. Regarding the process of company registration in Thailand, it is good to know that businessmen can easily create a joint venture, limited liability companies and also partnerships.

You may contact our company formation representatives in Thailand for further information about the Thai business visas and about guidance when opening a company in the country.