Thai Business Visa

Updated on Friday 30th July 2021

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Foreign citizens who want to open a company in Thailand need to obtain the business visa, also known as the non-immigrant B visa.

The Thailand business visa is suitable for starting a business as well as for those who have made or plan to make an investment in the country.

Our experts in company formation in Thailand are able to offer you detailed information and legal assistance when preparing the documents, in order to receive the Thai business visa. Besides that, you can solicit help and guidance if you want to open a company in Thailand.

What you need to know about the Thai business visa

The non-immigrant B visa or the Thai business visa is available with the work permit, for all individuals who wish to legally work in Thailand or to set up a company. . It is useful to note that the foreign national who has received a non-immigrant visa can start working in the country only once he/she also receives the work permit.

Specific requirements are necessary to be accomplished by people who want to receive a Thai business visa, such as having a clear criminal background, a valid passport, a bank report that shows the needed amount of money for the entire stay, the completed application form found at the Immigration Office or on the internet page of the institution in charge with the visas. The Thai business visa is available for 90 days and can also be extended. It is good to know that the company formation in Thailand is a simple process, and our Thai consultants can provide you with guidance if you are interested in this matter.

Documents required for the Thailand business visa

Our team lists the main documents that are needed by those who apply for the non-immigrant category
B visa for Thailand (the Business Visa):
  • Identification documents: a passport or another travel document that needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date the application is submitted;
  • The form: the filled in visa application form; this includes information about the purpose of the travel and identification details;
  • Photographs: an individual who applies for a Thailand business visa will present a recent passport-size photograph of the applicant, taken in the last 6 months;
  • Insurance: health insurance for covering medical expenses that can be incurred in the country (a minimum value of 100,000 USD);
  • Financial resources: a bank statement that process the fact that the holder has a minimum balance of 15,000 EUR for the last consecutive 6 months;
  • Company conditions: the company in Thailand with which the foreign national will associate or will trade needs to have at least 2,000,000 THB in paid-up capital;
  • Company documents: the corporate documents when the applicant will invest in an existing business/will associate with a partner business owner include the company’s business license, balance sheet, VAT registration as well as other details about the company’s location and profile;
  • Others: the confirmed plane ticket, paid in full as well as other documents/correspondence with business partners in Thailand, if applicable.
In 2021, the visa requirements will also include a specific mention of the health insurance for COVID-19 purposes. Our team can give you more details, as needed, about the entry conditions.

Additional requirements

Apart from the category of foreigners who can obtain the Thailand business visa for the purpose of conducting future business, the non-immigrant category B visa can also be issued for those who have already invested in the country. The following are approved investments:
  • own real estate property in the form of a condominium with a minimum value of 3,000,000 THB;
  • own a Thai bank account that has at deposit of at least 3,000,000 THB;
  • own Thai government bonds that are worth at least 3,000,000 THB.
Proof of these types of investment is required when applying for a visa in addition to the other documents that were already listed in this article (passport, photograph, health insurance, and others).
Please note that a complete checklist depending on your particular situation can be provided by our team upon request. We offer personalized services for those who wish to apply for a Thailand business visa.
The Thai Board of Investment is the one that approves investments and the one that sets forth the investment promotion criteria. For those who wish to apply for a Thailand business visa, it is important to note that their project is subject to prior approval. Some of the criteria that are taken into consideration when evaluating an investment project include the following:
  • increased employment (the number of jobs created in Thailand);
  • export promotion;
  • local raw materials usage percentage;
  • technology use encouragement (the use of modern production processes as well as the use of new machinery);
  • environmental protection (the Board will pay special attention to the location of the project as well as its pollution treatment);
  • minimum investment and feasibility (the minimum capital investment for a project is 1 million Bath in most cases); our team can help investors who wish to apply for the Thailand business visa with more information about the project feasibility requirements.
According to the Board of Investment, during the first three months of 2021, 401 applications were submitted with the board. The percentage of projects was 14% higher compared to the same period in 2020 and the total investment value was 123,360 million Baht.

Employment Thai visa

This type of visa is available for citizens who wish to legally work in Thailand and the first step in obtaining it is to apply in the country they live in. As previously mentioned, having the non-immigrant Thailand business visa that can be used to open a business or invest will also include a step for obtaining the work permit. This is mandatory as any violation thereof (working in the country without this permit is punishable by law with a fine, imprisonment or both. Foreign nationals should also know that employment is restricted in Thailand for certain professions and occupations. Our team can give you more details as needed.

An available passport for at least six months is necessary in order to apply for the employment visa. Besides the bank statements that show you can financially support yourself, you will need to prepare other documents requested by the Thai Embassy and an invitation letter that shows the reasons for your travel to Thailand and the type of work you will have. This visa is available for 90 days, with the possibility to extend it at a Thai Consulate in Bangkok. If your work in Thailand implies travels outside the country, you might need a re-entry visa or a new visa.

Our company registration agents in Thailand are able to offer you the necessary documentation about the types of visas you need to enter Thailand, including the Thai business visa for investors who wish to set up a company in Thailand. Regarding the process of company registration in Thailand, it is good to know that businessmen can easily create a joint venture, limited liability companies, and also partnerships.

You may contact our company formation representatives in Thailand for further information about the Thailand business visa and guidance when opening a company in the country.