Start a Business for Selling Textiles in Thailand

Updated on Friday 15th June 2018

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Thailand has a well-developed textiles industry that includes both the manufacturing processes and the selling businesses. The fact that the entire supply chain is well-represented means that investors have opportunities to enter both the manufacturing sector and that they can start a business for selling textiles in Thailand.
Thai textiles include a very large range of products, from those based on natural fabrics, such as cotton or silk to synthetic and blended fibers and yarns. 
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Open a textile business in Thailand

Thailand has an extensive range of textile manufacturers and investors who open a business for selling textiles can source their products from preferred local producers. 
Below is a short list of ideas for starting a business that sells various types of textiles:
  • Designer items: Bangkok is a modern city where brands from around the world exhibit their unique and even luxurious designs. Investors can explore this niche when opening a clothing business.
  • Jeans: Thailand has a developed jeans selling industry and produces its own jeans, in addition to the successful brands that are imported and sold in the country.
  • Sportswear: opening a business that sells sportswear can be a lucrative business idea, especially as many expats living in Bangkok already have an active lifestyle.
  • Home textiles: while in the non-apparel category, this can be an interesting niche in the selling of textiles as Thailand produces many home textiles.

Starting a business in Thailand

Foreign company ownership in Thailand is controlled by the Foreign Business Act. While there are still certain business fields in which ownership is prohibited or limited, the country has been opening up to foreign direct investment in a variety of business sectors and there are various opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs.
Our team of experts can give you complete information on the special requirements needed in order to open a company in Thailand. Moreover, we can answer any specific questions about selected business fields, such as the textile industry or others.
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