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Updated on Friday 17th March 2017

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Tourism is one of the most developed industries in Thailand. During the last few years, accommodation and food related businesses have become two of the most prolific clusters of tourism which is why many entrepreneurs are oriented towards opening hotels and restaurants in Thailand. Foreign investors are also allowed to set up restaurants in Thailand, however they will be subject to the Foreign Business Act and not the Commercial Code like local enterprisers.

Our company registration experts in Thailand can offer detailed information on the Foreign Business Act.


Registering a company for opening a Thai restaurant

Both local and foreign investors are required to follow the Commercial, respectively Foreign Business Laws in order to open a company in Thailand. These are the only differences when setting up a food business in Thailand. The process of  company registration in Thailand is the same as for any other type of business, whether we are talking about an IT company or a bar. Once the company registration is completed, the licensing process begins.


Licenses for restaurants in Thailand

In order to open a restaurant in Thailand, one must apply for various licenses. These are:
-          a food license;
-          a manufacturing license;
-          an import license.

Approval for the labels of the products to be sold will also be required, together with the approval to promote the Thai restaurant through ads. The owner must also register the products they intend to sell or serve in the restaurant.


Other requirements when starting a food business in Thailand

The licensing part is not the only requirement a Thai restaurant must comply with, as there are also other certifications related  to the premises or the qualifications of the personnel handling the food products. A sanitary permit is required in order to be allowed to prepare food in a Thai restaurant. Also, if the owner plans to sell alcoholic beverages, they will also be required to apply for a liquor license. Playing music in a restaurant in Thailand will also imply obtaining a special permit.

Considering there are many variables to be taken into consideration when setting up a restaurant in this country, we invite you to contact our Thai company formation agents for full information on the requirements. We can also assist you open any type of company in Thailand.


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