Set up a Plumbing Firm in Thailand

Updated on Monday 26th June 2017

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A professional plumbing company in Thailand is a good investment since there are many people in this country looking for high quality plumbing services. The qualification of a plumbing company is monitored by The Department of Skill Development (DSD) in Thailand, in order to ensure the skill of the enterprises who offer plumbing services in this country.

Our specialists in company formation in Thailand are prepared to answer your questions regarding the steps of company registration and about the requirements for the issuance of plumbing licenses in this country.

How to open a plumbing company in Thailand

The foreign investor who thinks of setting up a plumbing business in Thailand needs to be familiarized with the company registration procedure with the local authorities. According to our specialists in company registration in Thailand you will need to make first a name reservation for your future enterprise. 

The second important aspect in opening a plumbing business is to start a registration process with the Business Development Office (BDO), where requests from investors are received and processed in the shortest time. Our consultants can help you as well decide for the most suitable legal structure for your plumbing business in Thailand.

The incorporation of a plumbing company in Thailand requires the elaboration of the articles of association by a local notary. This document contains the purpose and activity of the company and it must be filed along the application.  

Other requirements for the opening of a plumbing business in Thailand

The Skill Development Promotion Act is the main law in Thailand that regulates the formation of plumbing companies. In order to be able to provide services in this domain a company needs to receive certification from the Department of Skill Development (DSD).

The Thai Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Association (TEMCA) is another official body which provides information on the legal requirements for those who work in the plumbing sector.

The foreign investor who opens a plumbing business in Thailand can contact as well one of our consultants in order to find more details about the licensing procedure and to obtain complete guidance with the company registration procedure in Thailand.