Relocation in Thailand

Updated on Friday 10th February 2017

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For many years now, Thailand has been considered a relocation destination for many individuals from all walks of life, from expats and senior citizens to wise investors who know the country has a growing economy and a fantastic business potential.

The main reasons for relocation in Thailand are the low living expenses, relaxed life style, excellent weather all year, gorgeous, white, sandy beaches and profitable investment opportunities which cause many foreign investors to choose to open a company in Thailand

Importing household goods when relocating to Thailand

After applying for a visa to move to Thailand, foreigners have a period of six months to bring their household goods into the country based on a duty free regime. If the foreigner has married a Thai citizen and the couple has been living outside of Thailand for minimum one year, the Thai citizen spouse is allowed to bring in the country any of her household goods as long as they are not utilized to tourism.

It is also important to know that household goods are duty free only for one of each item, normally. Our Thai company formation specialists can provide more details on this matter.

The documentation necessary to bring household goods duty-free in Thailand consists of:

•    An Import Declaration Form;
•    A valid passport;
•    A letter obtained from the Immigration Department which confirms the visa status; or
•    A work permit for at least one year issued by the Department of Labor;
•    A Bill of Lading or air waybill;
•    A Foreign Transaction Form if the CIF value (the price paid for the items including the price of transportation, loading, etc.);
•    An invoice, if applicable.

Foreigners interested in moving to this country and opening a company in Thailand can receive specialized assistance from our local agents. Our team of experts in company registration in Thailand can help them obtain a Visa for this country and incorporate a company here.


Accommodation when relocating to Thailand

Relocation in Thailand also means finding an appropriate accommodation. Foreigners are able to find accommodation in Thailand which is varied and reasonably priced, providing a comfortable place to live when relocating to Thailand

Accommodation available to rent in the Land of Smiles include apartments in high-rise buildings, condominium complexes, seaside cottages or houses built on large land plots. The prices, as well as the quality, are diverse, however foreigners can find excellent accommodations.

According to the Thai legislation, buying property in Thailand is not possible for non-permanent residents. Foreign citizens can however acquire a condominium in complexes which have a less than a certain percentage of foreign ownership.

Please get in touch with our company registration advisors in Thailand for the procedures of rending or buying real estate in the country, as well as other relocation services in Thailand.