Opening a Media Company in Thailand

Updated on Thursday 23rd September 2021

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The media in Thailand means TV, radio and printed newspapers and are the main communication channels in the country, but you should know that there are a few restrictions enforced by the Thai authorities. Business persons who want to open a media company in Thailand should ask for assistance and guidelines from our specialists in company formation in Thailand. Besides that, they can receive suitable details about how to open a company in Thailand.

How to open a media company in Thailand

The TV and the radio in Thailand are protected by the Thai Copyright Law and the Media, Advertising & Entertainment Law in the country. A media company may involve different types of products, besides TV and radio, including magazines, and newspapers. The foreign entrepreneur who wants to set up a media company in Thailand needs to reserve a name for the business and to draft the needed documents besides the publishing license.

The company registration in Thailand can be done just like for any type of business in the country. The articles of association need to be prepared and to contain details about the shareholders, the purpose of the business and minimum share capital. Most media companies in Thailand are limited liability companies with at least THB 2 million minimum share capital and three shareholders for the beginning. The entire registration process of a company in Thailand, besides details about VAT you need to pay when opening the business and starting the media activities, can be explained step by step by our company formation agents in Thailand. If you want to open a company in Thailand you are invited to ask for suitable details from our representatives.

Open a TV or a radio station in Thailand

There are three significant bodies which regulate the media industry in Thailand and those are:
•    the Public Relations Department of Thailand;
•    the Mass Communications Organization in Thailand;
•    the Royal Thai Army Radio and Television.

The radios and the televisions in Thailand need to follow some important rules stipulated under the Radio Communication Act, and those refer to the censorship before broadcasting and to the length of the commercials on TV and radio. One should know that the following licenses are necessary when deciding to open a media company in Thailand:

•    network license;
•    service license;
•    license to broadcast on the Thailand territory as a TV or radio station.

The profits when opening a media company in Thailand imply two major sources, the commercial incomes and the subscription fees for the available packages. The TV advertising in Thailand is continuously growing and entrepreneurs who decide to open such company in the country should analyze the fruitful opportunities on the market in this domain.

Please feel free to contact our team of company formation representatives in Thailand for additional information and details about how to register a media company in Thailand.