Open Thai Business on Energy and Air Conditioning Supply

Updated on Tuesday 27th February 2018

Open Thai Business on Energy and Air Conditioning Supply Image
Not only the entrepreneurs from the Asian countries but also investors from Europe or the USA see in Thailand one of the trend setters in businesses ideas and economic frameworks. Domains related to the protection of the environment and the improvement in the quality of life are encouraged by the Thai government, who offers incentives to investors in these fields. Investors who intend to open an energy and air conditioning supply firm in Thailand may profit of these advantageous conditions. One of our company formation specialists in Thailand can help you become familiar with the local regulations of licensing and business registration.

How to register a business for the supply of gas, electricity and air conditioning

Since Thailand benefits of a mild clime, there are rare cases when gas is used for heating. More often people buy cooling equipment such as air conditioning, for personal residences or for office spaces. If you invest in Thailand in an electricity or air conditioning business you will most likely accommodate fast in the market, since the demand for these services and products, is quite big.

The small companies which produce cooling substances or air conditioning equipment don’t have to go through a complicated application or licensing process. They must however obtain the certification from the Department of Business Development in order to be able to operate on the Thai market. If you organize your enterprise as a limited liability company you can rely on our specialists in company registration in Thailand in order to speed up the name reservation procedure and the opening of a bank account. 

What is the legal framework for energy providers in Thailand? 

Because of the big percentage of greenhouse gas emissions which result from air conditioning equipment, the NAMA (National Appropriate Mitigation Action) revised the policy and financial framework for the production and sale of refrigeration agents. In 2016 a new technology has been adopted in Thailand in order to protect the ozone layer from the aggressive effect of the refrigerants. The new substance used is known as R-32.

If company owners want to obtain license for the sale or installation of air conditioning or refrigerators, they must prove they understand and respect the norms concerning fluorocarbon emissions and their powerful effect on the wellbeing of the entire population. Energy and air xonditioning supply firms should make sure they train their employees and provide adequate equipment for professional installation of the units in order to minimize the emissions. 

Feel free to contact our specialists in company formation in Thailand in order to clarify all concerns you might have the setup of an energy and air conditioning supply enterprise in Thailand.