Open an Event Management Company in Thailand

Updated on Monday 20th February 2017

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An event management company in Thailand can be a proper business opportunity with lots of financial gains. This type of company can be registered respecting the same stages as for any kind of company in the country. Our experts in company formation in Thailand can provide you with assistance and recommendations if you want to set up an event management company in Thailand.


How to open an event management company in Thailand

First of all, you should decide the purpose of the company, if you want to deal with wedding planning, parties, concerts or exhibitions, for instance. The next step is to think of a name for your event management company in Thailand and to reserve it. The Memorandum of Association needs to offer details about the shareholders, the capital, the objectives of the company and about the location. A statutory meeting will be necessary to appoint the executives for the event management company you wish to open in Thailand. The last stage when setting up the company is to register it for VAT with the Trade Register of the city where the business will be set up. You should consider applying for different licenses and approvals to legally start doing your activities, and here we remind the music license and permission to use the private spaces. We remind that if you want to open a company in Thailand, you can ask for our help in this matter.

Our company formation specialists in Thailand are able to offer you help and guidance the entire process. The company registration in Thailand is an easy process and can be done within seven working days.

Short analysis before you open an event management company in Thailand

Before you decide to open an event management in Thailand it is recommended to examine the market and see the potential. What is your target audience? What are the expectations? What’s the approach according to the traditions of the country? Are there any competitors? How many events can you plan during a year? Can you make a client database?

Thailand offers many opportunities in numerous fields, therefore you should make a suitable research and then determine the resources and the capabilities of your future event management company. It is recommended to create a business plan which includes the answers to the questions above, besides outlining the objectives and start looking for qualified staff. As a reminder, the company registration in Thailand will be quite easy with proper help and guideline from our representatives. 

A good company management will definitely lead to suitable benefits. If you want additional information about how to open an event management company in Thailand, you can contact our company formation agents in Thailand.