Open a Wedding Planning Agency in Thailand

Updated on Friday 03rd November 2017

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Event planning agencies are more and more popular in Thailand, a country where economic development and the dynamic lifestyle take place simultaneously, in a fast rhythm. According to the recent statistics the weddings sector in Thailand registered a strong growth. If you plan to invest in this sector our specialists in company formation in Thailand are ready to assist you with information concerning the legal framework of this country.

Why is it advantageous to open a wedding planning agency in Thailand?

One of the most important arguments for which investors in the wedding sector of event planning decide to open a company in Thailand is the fact that  in this country the powerful signification of the wedding day is recognized and celebrated accordingly. The romance and elegance mingle in the beauty of the landscapes with exotic flowers and clear crystal sea.

The start-up costs in Thailand are another argument for you to invest in this country. The initial costs for small to medium enterprises vary between 1300 to 2000 Euros including the taxes for the foreign business license and VAT registration. Moreover, if you decide to open your wedding planning agency in Thailand in collaboration with a local partner the initial taxes are going to be significantly reduces. 

The services provided by a wedding agency are easy to organize in a highly urbanized country like Thailand. You can employ local designers and performers in order to develop wedding packages for tourists as well as for the Thai inhabitants. 

Our specialists in company registration in Thailand can give you more tips on the costs and the process of company incorporation in this country.

Legal aspects of setting up a wedding planning agency in Thailand

There are certain procedures that you need to take care of in order to make sure that the marriage is officially recognized by the authorities, and that the guests can reach this destination in compliance with the law. One of our experts in company formation in Thailand can help you get in contact with the embassies and guide you through each step of this process which might include the elaboration of the visa documentation for the participants. For the local people, it is a custom to organize a wedding in three steps, from which the first one is the betrothal or the engagement. The betrothal is regulated by the Civil and Commercial Code and it continues with other stages of the traditional Thai wedding

The registration of your company is another element in which you could use the expertise of our consultants. Depending on the size and structure of your  wedding planning agency, our specialists can help you elaborate your application with the Department of Business Development where every new company must be officially registered. Our consultants can also help you with the translation and legalization of your papers.

Feel free to contact our local specialists so that you can open a company in Thailand in the wedding planning sector as fast and hassle free as possible.