Open a Thai Business for Selling Coffee, Tea, and Spices

Updated on Sunday 17th June 2018

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Open a Thai Business for Selling Coffee, Tea, and Spices Image
Tea, coffee, and spices are three types of products that are successfully produced in Thailand. Their varieties are destined both for export and local consumption and for the tourist looking to experiment all the best the land of smiles had to offer, these three categories will also be on the menu. Investors who open a Thai business for selling coffee, tea and spices can open the door to the world of Thai iced tea and that of locally produced Arabica and Robusta coffee to curious tourists from around the world.
Opening a shop that sells these items can be largely successful especially in highly touristic areas. Here are some ideas presented by our Thai company formation agents.
Entrepreneurs can choose to combine their offer when selling these types of products or focus on selling just one of them, according to their target audience, the business plan but also access to local supply.

Opening a business to sell selected items

Some examples of business ideas for selling these particular three items include:
  • a coffee shop: this is a shop that can sell both the coffee beans, roasted and prepared as specialty coffee and/or offer grounded beans of several varieties.
  • a coffee place: this is an extension of the idea above, where entrepreneurs can also serve specialty coffee, in addition to selling local varieties.
  • a small shop: investors can set up a small shop or stall near tourist markets and other popular locations; their main focus will be on locally sourced coffee, tea, and spices varieties.
  • a larger store: these products can also be sold as part of a larger shop that also sells other food and beverages items; licenses will be required.

Conditions for starting a business in Thailand

Although most business fields are open to foreign investment, there are several special conditions for investors willing to open their own coffee, tea or spice shop in a Thai city. For most types of businesses, the Foreign Business Act stipulates that the company needs to be co-owned with a Thai national. Investors who want to open a company in Thailand can keep this in mind when looking to start a food and beverage business that focuses on these three items.
For more detailed information about the requirements to open a company as well as other details on regulations and special permits, please do not hesitate to contact our Thai company formation agents.