Open a Textile Manufacturing Business in Thailand

Updated on Friday 20th April 2018

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Investors who open a textile manufacturing business in Thailand have access to a diverse and skillful industry, that produces various types of garments for both the domestic market and for export. Thailand has companies that work all along the textile and clothing production line, from the design, to the actual production and to the sale of the items.

Company formation in Thailand is subject to a few requirements and as in any industry investors are advised to perform a market research and prepare a business plan before going into business.

The textile industry in Thailand

The textile industry in Thailand includes businesses that specialize in weaving, spinning and garment manufacturing. The apparel sector is very well represented, with factories producing clothes both for export and for the domestic market which also includes traditional apparel with a high degree of success among tourists. 

Manufacturing businesses in Thailand are essentially specialized in the production of almost any type of garment, from fabric manufacturing to womenswear, knitwear, casual wear or sportswear. A significant portion of the manufactured items is destined for export. Main export partners include the United States and China.

The textile manufacturing sector is also an important employer in Thailand, with around 200,000 individuals working in the garment business.

Investors who wish to enter the market can start a small, atelier business or open a larger company that manufactures products for export. Thai producers are known to export their items to fashion brands and designers in Europe and the market offers several types of sub-sectors that may be explored by investors. 

Opening a textile manufacturing company in Thailand

When opening a textile manufacturing company, investors will need to observe the Thai company formation process. This will include choosing a suitable type of business, drawing up and registering the constitutive documents and handling the effective registration procedure with the Department of Business Development.

Our team of Thailand company formation experts can help you set up a business and our agents can provide useful information for foreign investors in the country. Contact us for more details and for a detailed description of our services.