Open a Shipping Company in Thailand

Updated on Tuesday 14th April 2020

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Among many other aspects, Thailand is known as a significant import and export participant in the worldwide trade market, therefore many businessmen choose to open shipping companies. Thailand is delimited by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand and the water transportation is extremely developed. The same thing is available for the internal shipping services across the main rivers in the country. Our experts in company formation in Thailand can provide you with information and guidance about how to open a shipping company in Thailand. The company registration in Thailand is quite simple if you consider the rules and the regulations of the country regarding shipping activities.

How to set up a shipping company in Thailand

In order to open a shipping company in Thailand, there are certain rules you need to understand and documents you need to prepare, such as:

•    the permit to load and carry certain goods or products;
•    the harbor craft license (obtained after a ship examination);
•    the certificate of the ship registration;
•    the vessel permit;
•    the port authorization permit.

The Maritime Department and the Port Authority of Thailand are in charge of issuing the necessary licenses in order for you to start doing business as a shipping company. It is good to know that the international supply of goods is protected by the Carriage of Goods by the Sea Act, the Thai Vessel Act and by the Multimodal Transport Act in Thailand. Our company formation representatives in Thailand are able to offer information about the legislation related to the shipping companies in the country and about how to open such company. The process of company formation in Thailand implies certain aspects, therefore, legal assistance is mandatory.

Import and export of goods in Thailand    

There are several restrictions regarding the import of goods in Thailand and particular licenses are necessary in order to import tobacco, alcohol, jewelry, appliances, computers or items over six months old. The weapons, the narcotics, or the medical equipment are prohibited for import in Thailand. You should know that the ammunition and the weapons are subject to particular licenses and taxes in Thailand. The law related to the export activities in Thailand is permissive, but certain conditions and taxes may apply. Our representatives can help with guidance and assistance if you want to open a company in Thailand.

If you are interested in opening a shipping company in Thailand you can contact our company formation specialists in Thailand.