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Updated on Thursday 23rd September 2021

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Many important industries in Thailand developed quite fast in the last decade and entrepreneurs worldwide are betting nowadays on the real estate business in the country, due to high demands on the market. Renting offices or selling/buying properties are the main activities of a real estate agency in Thailand that can lead to a fruitful business and good incomes from different commissions. Our experts in company registration in Thailand can help you with information and guidance if you want to set up a real estate agency in Thailand. The company registration in Thailand is not a complicated process and can be done quite easily if you solicit proper help and guidance from our advisors.

Necessary documents to open a real estate agency in Thailand

With the help of our consultants, you can start your activities in less than four weeks. But first of all, you should consider creating a limited company in Thailand (with at least three shareholders and an executive manager) with THB 2 million minimum share capital, reserve a name for your new business, and sign the Memorandum of Association that contains details about the owners, the capital and the purposes of the business. The next step is to register the business for VAT at the Trade Register in Thailand and to open a bank account. The business visa and the Thai work permit are necessary when registering the real estate agency in Thailand, in order to legally do business.

Our company formation agents in Thailand remind that a foreign businessperson who wants to open a real estate agency needs to hire Thai workers too, besides his overseas employees.  It is good to know that no real estate license is necessary to open your firm in this domain. The company registration in Thailand is an easy process and you can begin your activities in less than one month if the documents are approved by the Thai Land Department and the Ministry of Commerce. If you want to open a company in Thailand, you can ask for our help and guidance.

 Why open a real estate agency in Thailand?

Making money in Thailand with a real estate agency is a preferred method among foreign citizens who decide to enter Thailand and start doing business. The real estate market in Thailand is extremely attractive and offers excellent opportunities. Many tourists or foreign expatriates are searching for the perfect condominium in the most important cities of Thailand, therefore, a real estate agency can definitely help in this matter. An experienced real estate agent will provide you with information about the prices on the market, the properties available and about different fees.

Companies can distinguish themselves on the market through trademark registration in Thailand.

Contact our team of company formation representatives in Thailand for additional details about how to open a real estate agency in Thailand.
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