Open a Fast Food in Thailand

Updated on Tuesday 14th April 2020

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The Thai cuisine is an interesting mix of flavors, spices, and tastes. The traditional food presents many foreign influences appreciated worldwide. Due to the rich culture and to the possibility of having a successful business in this area, besides the well-developed tourism, numerous entrepreneurs choose to open fast food restaurants in Thailand. The company registration in Thailand implies certain conditions in order to open a fast food, but with the help and guidance from our specialists in company formation in Thailand, you may start the business in a short time.

The main requirements to open a fast food in Thailand

A foreign investor who wants to open a company in Thailand in the fast food sector will need to obtain the license for manufacturing or importing food products. The Foreign Business Act in Thailand stipulates the main rules and the regulations a foreign entrepreneur needs to respect when opening  a company. There are certain licenses and permits to receive, in order to set up a fast food or restaurant in the country if you are an overseas businessman. It is good to know that the registration procedure for a fast food business in Thailand implies the same rules as for any type of company, and here we mention the following:

•    name reservation for the fast food restaurant;
•    Memorandum of Association preparation;
•    registration with the Tax Authorities in Thailand;
•    statutory meeting.

The next step is to obtain the licenses in order to start your business in Thailand, such as the manufacturing license, the food license, and the import license if your products or goods come from overseas. Our company formation specialists in Thailand can provide you with information and guidance in this matter and can help if you have decided to open a company in Thailand. As a recommendation, you should consider having skilled employees in order to obtain the necessary certificate in this matter and to start the activities.

The sanitary inspection for a fast food restaurant in Thailand

The Thai Food and Drug Administration is in charge of the safety of food in the country and with the inspection before you begin your fast food business in Thailand. The authorities can:

•    control and verify the provenience of the food products;
•    approve the packaging and the advertisement;
•    verify the food.

After these standard procedures, the Sanitary Certificate will be issued. Take into consideration that the authorities in charge with the public safety regarding the food may plan certain periodic inspections, in order to see if the business works properly and respects the main rules and regulation.

If you have any other questions about how to open a fast food in Thailand and about our available legal services, you can contact our company formation agents in Thailand. We can help you with the entire company registration process in Thailand.