Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Thailand

Updated on Tuesday 05th January 2021

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Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations for foreign investments in the fintech sector. The vibrant economic market and high technology available in the main cities in Thailand are some of the main factors which determine entrepreneurs to come in Thailand and set up here a new company. Our experts in company registration in Thailand can help you establish a cryptocurrency firm and present you the opportunities offered by the Thai legal framework.

The cryptocurrency environment in Thailand

The Thai financial authorities did not intervene with restrictive provisions in the natural development of the cryptocurrency market in this country. In Thailand, there are no strict regulations imposed to investors in this field. The Thai state invests in seminars and events which have as a purpose to inform investors and educate the market in order to ensure a safe and healthy development of the cryptocurrency sector in Thailand

Cryptocurrency allows for multiple types of business ideas and activities. Two of the most popular ones are companies which provide technological infrastructures for mining virtual money and for cryptocurrency transactions, and wallet providers, which store information and ensure the safety of the transactions.

Thailand intends to invest in a financial infrastructure which could ensure further investments in the cryptocurrency sector. Our consultants in company formation in Thailand can answer your questions regarding the main steps you need to make in order to establish a cryptocurrency company in this country.

Company formation requirements for a cryptocurrency business in Thailand

Apart from the standard registration procedure with the Department of Business Development which is imposed on each entrepreneur, there are no other requirements to condition the opening of a cryptocurrency enterprise in Thailand

The setup of a cryptocurrency business should begin with a name reservation, and should continue in compliance with the provisions of the Thai Commercial Code.

Feel free to contact our specialists in company registration in Thailand in order to help you gather the required documentation for the registration of your cryptocurrency firm in Thailand.