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Updated on Thursday 09th March 2017

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The city of Songkhla is situated in the southern part of Thailand in the province of the same name and has a border with Malaysia. Its reputation is related to the import and export activities, being an important harbor in Thailand. Besides these significant businesses, there are so many other opportunities to consider while deciding to open a company in Songkhla. Our Thai company formation specialists are ready to provide you with information and complete guidance about how to set up a company in Songkhla.

Company registration in Songkhla

Foreign and local entrepreneurs are interested in setting up different businesses, considering the attractive market and the fruitful business background in Thailand. If you want to register a company in Songkhla, you are suggested to consider the main requirements of this important process and to ask for help from our company formation agents in Thailand:

•    reserve a name for your company in Songkhla and verify if it's available;
•    draft the articles of association;
•    appoint the executives of your company in Songkhla;
•    register for VAT and social contributions;
•    open a bank account;
•    prepare the minimum share capital for your company in Songkhla.

Entrepreneurs from abroad who want to open a company in Thailand are advised to verify the list of activities and sectors they can do businesses in, with the Foreign Business Act. Our Thai company formation experts can provide you with suitable and complete help in this matter and can guide you through the entire company registration procedure in Songkhla.

Why open a company in Songkhla?

With a great location on the Malaya peninsula in the Thai Gulf, the city of Songkhla (city of lions) from the province with the same name has a remarkable culture, a great history, and a rising economy. The Songkhla lake which is considered the biggest in southern Thailand is crossed by the Tinsulanond Bridge connecting the main important districts. There are all kinds of companies in Songkhla, which activate in the most important sectors, like trading, shipping, manufacturing or oil & gas.

Opening a restaurant or a resort on Songkhla’s beautiful beaches are definitely great options to take in mind when deciding to relocate and start doing business in Thailand because the tourism in this country is a major economic factor, with full chances to meet new improvements and developments. Investors are also interested in opening shipping companies in Songkhla where port authorization permits, ship certificate registration and the harbor craft licenses are necessary to start such activities.

If you want to open a company in Songkhla we kindly invite you to contact our company formation agents in Thailand.
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