Obtaining a Visa for Thailand

Updated on Friday 11th December 2020

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The Royal Thai Embassy is in charge with the visa applications processing for people who wish to visit the country or who wish to open a company in Thailand. There are specific rules in order to obtain a Thai visa, and our specialists in company registration in Thailand can provide the necessary information and guidelines for all foreign citizens who are interested in this matter.

Thai visa conditions

There are 57 countries that do not need a travel visa for Thailand, and there are many bilateral arrangements regarding the visa waivers. It is good to know that Eastern European citizens will receive the necessary visas on their arrival, at the authorized entry offices, most of them found in the airport. In order to receive a Thai visa, it is recommended to consider the following conditions:

•    prepare the financial statements that prove you can support yourself during the stay;
•    prepare a valid passport;
•    show the return tickets;
•    complete the visa application form.

Our company registration experts in Thailand are here to guide you in this matter and can also offer you the essential information and details if you want to register a company in Thailand.
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Tourist visa for Thailand

The Thai tourist visa can be obtained for 60 days, for multiple entries in the country or for a single one, and can be extended for other 30 days, a process that can be made at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok.

Business visa for Thailand

With a business visa, also known as the non-immigrant business visa, every foreign citizen who wishes to set up a company in Thailand, can obtain a work permit, can register his/her business and can open a bank account. This type of visa is available for 90 days and can be extended on request.
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General types of visas for Thailand

No matter the purpose of your visit to Thailand, it is recommended to solicit the necessary information, in order to prepare the documents for your travel. The Thai embassy can grant courtesy visas for all officials who wish to enter Thailand for certain diplomatic matters. A citizen can qualify for permanent residency in Thailand if he already stayed in the country for three consecutive years, or if he or she got married with a Thai national. The transit visa is necessary for candidates who only enter Thailand on their way to other countries.

The non-immigrant visa for Thailand is necessary for work, study, business, and official duties. Every foreign citizen who wants to visit the family, or to conduct scientific research in the country, will need a non-immigrant visa.

Please feel free to contact our company registration agents in Thailand, if you need a Thai visa, in order to register a company in the country.