Obtain a Thai Marriage Visa

Updated on Sunday 04th June 2017

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Thai marriage visa is also known as ``1 year extension of stay based on marriage`` visa. This is a long term Thai visa which can be obtained by any foreigner who marries a Thai citizen. The holder of a marriage visa is eligible for work and can apply for a valid work permit and also can open a company in Thailand. The marriage visa is renewable within Thailand and certain conditions must be fulfilled for the extension. Any further details about the marriage visa can be provided by our company registration specialists in Thailand.


Conditions for obtaining a Thai marriage visa

In order to be eligible for a marriage visa application, you must fulfill the following conditions:

•    Be married to a Thai citizen – a marriage certificate or an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry substantiate this relationship;
•    Meet certain financial requirements – at least two months prior to the marriage you have to set up a bank account in Thailand and deposit THB 400.000. You also need to prove a monthly income of at least THB 40.000 in order to be eligible for a Thai marriage visa. Note that you need a bank letter stating the account situation before applying for a marriage visa;
•     Prepare other documents that the authorities may request – a police clearance certificate and a medical certificate may be needed. These documents are not requested if the marriage visa application is submitted within Thailand. If you already started a business in Thailand, the company`s incorporation papers can be added to the marriage visa documentation.

Our company incorporation experts in Thailand are here to guide you in this matter and offer assistance with all aspects related to company registration process.

Thai marriage visa application process

If you want to obtain a Thai marriage visa please have in mind that there is no direct application for this type of visa. You have to fulfill several steps when applying for a Thai marriage visa:
•    You have to obtain a 1 Year Non-Immigrant O Visa from your home country in order to legally enter and marry in Thailand;
•    Prepare all the documents needed for the conversion of your non-immigrant visa into a Thai marriage visa;
•    Visa extension procedure has to be done within the last 30 days of your 90 days legal stay in Thailand;
•    Go to an immigration office and submit the visa extension application, alongside all the necessary documentation.
In case of a divorce, your Thai marriage visa is immediately annulled and you have to leave the country. If you own a company in Thailand, you can remain in the country if you apply for a business visa.
Don`t hesitate to contact our company formation agents in Thailand if you have more questions about visa extension procedure or about company registration in Thailand.