Obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa for Thailand

Updated on Wednesday 28th June 2017

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Obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa for Thailand Image
There are many types of non-immigrant visas for foreigners who come to Thailand for longer stays. The necessary documents must be prepared by the applicants and submitted to the relevant authorities along with the payment of a specific tax. Our specialists in company formation in Thailand can  advise you on what visa type you can apply for and how to prepare in order to receive the approval from the authorities in this country.

Types of non-immigrant visa for Thailand

If you want to obtain a non-immigrant visa for Thailand in order to conduct business or work there, then you should apply for Category B visa. You can either apply for a single entry visa which is valid for three months or, if you are the spouse of a Thai citizen, you can as well choose a multiple entry visa, valid for one year. 

The non-immigrant visa O-A is one option for applicants over 50 years old. The document allows a foreigner to remain in Thailand for one year but he/she will not be allowed to seek employment in this country.

Education is another reason for which foreigners apply for a non-immigrant visa in Thailand. The appropriate visa category for these persons is the ED visa. 

The IB non-immigrant visa must be obtained by foreign investors who intend to start a company in Thailand.

You can discuss in more detail with our specialists in company registration in Thailand about which non-immigrant visa type is appropriate for you and what are the specific requirements for the application. 

Application requirements for non-immigrant visa in Thailand

First of all a foreigner applying for a non-immigrant visa in Thailand should know that the authorities require original documents. Your passport must have at least 6 months validity when you start your application for a three months visa. The application fee is of 2,000 Baht for a single-entry visa and of 5,000 Baht for a multiple entries visa valid for one-year.

In case you need to provide as well the documents of your company, the authorities accept certified copies over the articles of association signed by the board of directors of the enterprise. You will need to provide as well a proof for adequate finance, enough to cover your costs during the period of stay in Thailand. The minimum amount per person is of 20,000 Baht.

Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants in company formation in Thailand for complete information regarding the procedure of obtaining a non-immigrant visa in Thailand