How to Become a Thai Permanent Resident

Updated on Thursday 15th April 2021

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Foreign people who choose to work and live in Thailand need to apply for a Thai permanent residence. In order to qualify for a Thai permanent residence, you should already have a non-immigrant visa for at least three years. Our experts in company formation in Thailand can provide you with information and guidance if you want to apply for a Thai permanent residence in 2021. Besides that, if you are an overseas investor and you want to make an entrance on the Thai market, you should solicit help and assistance from our advisors regarding the company registration in Thailand.

Requirements for a Thai permanent residence

The blue book can be obtained if you prepare a few important documents and meet significant requirements. The papers can be submitted to the Thai immigration department and our company formation representatives can offer assistance in this matter. It is good to know that the Thai permanent residency is required if you want to apply for Thai citizenship. The following individuals can be successful candidates for Thai permanent residence in 2021:

•    the candidate needs to have a non-immigrant visa for at least three years before applying for permanent residence;
•    the applicant is a business person who wants to invest at least BHT 3 million in Thailand;
•    the candidate has a Thai family and is the financial support;
•    the applicant is retiring and wants to stay in Thailand;
•    the candidate is married to a Thai partner and needs a residence permit.

After obtaining the Thai permanent residence and the blue book you will receive the Thai identity card which is a red book. Our company formation specialists in Thailand can offer details about the entire process. You can also receive assistance if you want to open a company in Thailand. Starting a business in 2021 is a process during which our team can provide complete assistance, as needed. As the investment route is one of the ways in which a foreign national can gain a residence permit, many foreign nationals who are able to make the investment of 3 to 10 million BHT will consider this an acceptable route. If you are ready to start a business in Thailand, and wish to also benefit from the possible residency option, you can reach out to us to find out more.

Prepare for the Thai permanent residence interview

After preparing and submitting the necessary documents to apply for a Thai permanent residency, you will need to schedule an interview with an immigration officer in Thailand. There will be basic questions to answer, related to your status, your religion and you will take a 10-question test in the Thai language. The entire interview will be recorded on camera and the residence permit will be ready in about 30 working days. We remind you that the company registration in Thailand can be ready within a few days, with the suitable and complete help from our consultants.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of company formation representatives in Thailand for additional information about how to become a Thai permanent resident in 2021.