FAQ on Thai Long Term Visa

Updated on Wednesday 28th June 2017

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If you want to move to Thailand for a longer period of time in order to start an investment, in order to spend there your retirement period or fot other purposes you will need to apply for a Thai long term visa. As a foreigner in this country you might have many questions concerning the conditions in which such a visa can be obtained as well as questions on the type of long term visa which is suitable for your particular situation. Below, our specialists in company formation in Thailand have provided answers to the most frequent questions received from our clients:

1. Who can apply for a long term visa in Thailand?

Students, as well as people over 50 years old who have enough funds to spend their retirement period in Thailand, as well as people who intend to work in this country can apply for a long term visa in Thailand. A long term visa is issued as well for marriage purposes, tourism, or for people who intend to open a company in Thailand and want to settle in this country for a longer period of time. 

2. How many options do exist for a long term visa in Thailand?

There are two types of long term visas in Thailand. The first is a 1 year visa which allows you multiple entries in this country. Marriage or retirement visas do not have a limited period of availability. Tourists or student long term visas are going to be issued for a specific amount of time, which can respond to the need of the person in question.

3. What are the requirements for applying for a long term visa in Thailand?    

Each visa type requires different documentation. For example a tourist will need to provide 2 passport photographs and a valid passport for at least 6 months. Students need to obtain an approval from an education institution. For a pension visa you will need to make proof of enough financial resources for your stay in this country. 

4. What is the main authority which issues long term visas in Thailand?

In order to obtain a long term visa in Thailand the applicant must file the required documentation along with his/her application at the Royal Thai Embassy. Our specialists in company formation in Thailand can help you prepare all your files so that you can receive a positive response from the authorities. 

5. Is the long term visa affected by visiting another country?

If you intend to exit Thailand during the period in which you benefit from your long term visa, you will need to apply for another document which can allow your re-entrance when you return. This document is a re-entry permit which, depending on the tax that you pay, can allow you one exit in a neighbor country or it can offer you unlimited entries in Thailand. 

Please feel free to contact our specialists in company registration in Thailand for complete information on long term visa issuance conditions.