FAQ on Thai Business Visa

Updated on Sunday 04th June 2017

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Thai business visa is a necessary document for foreign citizens who want to open a company in Thailand or work in this country. This visa does not replace the work permit and several conditions have to be met in order to obtain a business visa in Thailand. If you need assistance in applying for a business visa, you can rely on our experts in company formation in Thailand.

Frequently asked questions about Thai business visa

Thailand is a very popular destination for business investment. Since applying for a visa is a necessary step for entering Thailand, we prepared for you a list of questions people usually ask about the business visa:

1.    Do I also need a work permit if I already have a business visa? Yes, a work permit is compulsory for working legally in Thailand. Thai business visa only allows you to legally enter the country;
2.     If I am employed by a Thai company, do I still need a business visa? Yes, you need this visa in order to enter the country. Ask your employer in Thailand to send you an invitation which you will later attach to the documentation for the visa application;
3.    Can I open a bank account in Thailand with a business visa? Yes, you can set up a bank account in Thailand with a valid business visa. Furthermore, the bank account is necessary for company incorporation process in Thailand since you have to deposit the capital of the business;
4.    Can I extend my Thai business visa? Yes, you can address an Immigration office in Thailand for the procedure of visa extension. After one year the visa extension can be processed by your company in Thailand;
5.    I cannot find an available flight and my business visa is about to expire. For how long can I extend it? A maximum extension of seven days is usually given by the immigration authorities, depending on your reasons. After the extension is granted, you need to present a valid plane ticket;
6.    How long does it take to obtain a Thai business visa? It usually takes between 2 to 15 days to apply for a Thai business visa, depending on the consulate or embassy where you have chosen to submit the application;
7.    How long is the Thai business visa available? This type of visa is available for 90 days and it can be extended at an immigration desk in Bangkok.

Any further question about the business visa and the application procedure can be answered by our team of specialists in company registration in Thailand.

Advantages of holding a Thai business visa

Obtaining a business visa in Thailand makes eligible for work in this country. You can start a company in Thailand or seek employment with any local business you want. You have unlimited entries in Thailand with this type of visa and can stay for 90 days in the country each time you enter it. Please contact our Thailand company formation agents if you are interested in setting up a business in this country and applying for a visa.