Establish an Interior Design Company in Thailand

Updated on Monday 13th August 2018

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Interior designers and decorators in Thailand provide complete, creative and tailored solutions to clients who wish to repurpose, revive or create the interiors of their living spaces or commercial buildings. The talent and creativity of an interior designer can make a difference and contribute to the overall success of the space, especially in the case of restaurants, hotels and other commercial buildings.

In order to establish an interior design company in Thailand, entrepreneurs will need to have a business plan and, in some cases, focus on a certain type of services, for example solely for residential properties or solely for commercial spaces. 

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Interior design services in Thailand

Interior designers in Thailand offer a number of services to their clients and the list below describes some of these, which may serve as business ideas for investors who wish to start this type of company:
  • Design: complete interior design services for a chosen office or residential space, according to the client’s criteria, budget and conditions.
  • Refurbishment design: reimagining the space can sometimes turn out to be the most suitable choice; a designer can assist the client to maximize the refurbishment and repurposing potential.
  • Decorator: consultation on color and furniture choices and placement, it can be included in the general design package.
  • Online interior design services: a more modern approach to interior design, here a team of specialists assists the clients each step of the way through an interactive online communication.

Opening an interior design company in Thailand

Designers, architects and other entrepreneurs who wish to enter this creative business field should know that the steps for opening an interior design business are the general ones that apply in case of company formation in Thailand.

Foreign investors in Thailand are subject to a number of conditions and, in some business fields, clear restrictions. In order to start an interior design company and provide services to Thai customers, foreign entrepreneurs may be required to enter into a joint venture with a Thai national. Our agents who specialize in company registration in Thailand can give you more details.

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