Establish a Software Company in Thailand

Updated on Thursday 11th January 2018

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According to the Thai legislation the set-up of a software company doesn’t imply a complicated procedure neither for local investors nor for those from abroad. In the past year some of the top software producers in the world have oriented themselves towards Thailand thanks to the numerous business opportunities and talented workforce in this country. If you want to establish a software company in Thailand you can discuss with our consultants in Thai company formation so that you can implement your ideas as quick as possible.

Tips on how to open a software company in Thailand

Thanks to the government policy, Thailand managed to become in the last years one of the leaders in the IT industry. If you want to open a company in Thailand and provide software services to your clients, you can profit of the trained workforce in this country at minimal costs.
With a large and vibrant software market the Thai state has developed a strong IT infrastructure which is of great help for any investor who wants to open a software company in Thailand.
The first step in the process of setting up an IT business in Thailand is to follow the provisions of the Thai commercial code regarding the formation of a company. Our specialists in company registration in Thailand can present to you the legal requirements and can help you elaborate the articles of association and all the other necessary documents for your business. 

Services provided by software companies in Thailand

Each entrepreneur who sets up a software company in Thailand should be able to focus on one or several IT services, in order to provide quality products and develop in time a trusty relation with the local customers and clients. 
Some of the most popular IT services which can be provided by a software company in Thailand are the following: 
assistance and maintenance of the programs sold;
software design;
research and development activities;
data analysis;
web development;
consulting services;
testing activities.
Regardless of the type of software that you produce it is important to protect your ideas. The Thai IP (intellectual property) laws can constitute a reliable means in your preoccupation to maintain the identity of your software company on the Thai market.
Don’t hesitate to contact our experts in company registration in Thailand who can give you more details on the local legal requirements concerning the set-up of a software company in this country.