Create a Distinctive Trademark in Thailand

Updated on Monday 20th February 2017

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Entrepreneurs who want to make proper activities on the Thai market need to choose a trademark for a correct representation of their products among many others. The next step is to register the trademark according to the rules and regulations in the country. If you want to create an original trademark, you should consider the help and the guidance provided by our experts in company formation in Thailand. They can also offer important information about the company registration in Thailand and about how to open a company in Thailand.

How to create the trademark for a company in Thailand

Signs, numbers, symbols, 3D designs, words, special color combinations or letters can be used when designing a distinctive trademark for your business in Thailand after a suitable investigation upon the ones already registered. Most companies choose to have simple trademarks, which can be easily recognized by consumers or customers. You can also consider the following aspects when creating a distinctive trademark in Thailand:

•    first of all, the trademark needs to be easily read;
•    you can think of a sign that properly mixes with the type of products you want to present on the market;
•    you can consider using arbitrary marks like words with certain meanings and no direct relation to the products;
•    you can use invented words by combining, for example, the initials of the owners of the company;
•    you can use the 3D technology, with certain colors to give it more impact;

It is also good to know that there are restrictions to consider while creating a distinctive trademark in Thailand, and here we refer to the following:

•    try to avoid the adverse meanings in other languages too;
•    avoid common names. Such ideas will not help you created a unique trademark.

Our company incorporation agents in Thailand are able to offer details and important information in this matter, so make sure to ask for guidance and recommendations.

How to register the distinctive trademark in Thailand

The Department of Intellectual Property in Thailand can analyze your trademark before the registration, to see if it's distinctive or not. Besides that, any businessman in Thailand needs to know that royal seals, flags or emblems related to the country will not be taken into consideration when registering the trademark for the enterprise. Thailand has a unique trademark classification system with 45 different kinds of products and particular conditions need to be measured when registering the trademark:
•    the person who wishes to register the trademark needs to present the signature and the product;
•    the applicant must offer proper information about the name and the color arrangement of the product he wants to  introduce on the Thai market;
•    it is recommended to avoid the attributes which refer to the quality of the products;
•    the company’s documents need to be prepared.

The Commerce Registrar in Thailand deals with the registration of the distinctive trademarks in the country, no matter the type of business a person chooses. The approval will be received within six months from the date of the application, but with the guarantee the trademark will be protected all this time.

As a reminder, the company registration in Thailand can be entirely explained by our representatives, including details about how to open a company in Thailand.

If you need specialized counseling regarding the trademark registration, you are invited to contact our team of specialists in company formation in Thailand.