Why Start a Business in Bangkok?

Updated on Monday 03rd October 2016

Why Start a Business in Bangkok? Image
Thailand offers many business opportunities to all foreign investors who wish to establish in the country, making it one of the most wanted destinations in the world. According to experts’ analysis, the costs of having a business in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, are quite attractive. Expats are looking for quality lifestyle, when searching information about this beautiful country. Our company registration experts in Thailand can provide you with information and recommendations if you want to start a business in Bangkok.

What kind of businesses you can plan in Bangkok?

Due to its flourishing macroeconomic and regulatory business environment, Bangkok is definitely an interesting trade center, where overseas investors can develop many business ideas. In Bangkok you can create a limited liability company, a joint venture or a limited partnership with minimum two shareholders. The taxation system in Thailand is encouraging and it is good to know that there are no local export conditions, besides many other tax exemptions. People who wish to do business in Bangkok choose to explore the opportunities given by sectors like agriculture, automotive, communications, tourism or energy, due to their significant developments in the last decades. The jewelry export business, for example, is preferred among foreign investors, this field being the second most attractive industry in Thailand. You can also explore the healthcare system or the electronics export industry.

Our specialists in company registration in Thailand can offer assistance when decided to open a company in Bangkok, so you are invited to ask for help and guidance.

The pros of starting a business in Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is a significant metropolitan center, with all the convenience of living in this kind of city, besides the well made public transportation, high-standard healthcare system and communication technologies. Take into consideration that majority foreign partnerships in Bangkok will need an Alien Business Licence provided by the Thai Ministry of Commerce with the Thai Board of Investment acceptance, in order to begin the operations.

The welcoming culture of Thailand and the openness of people there are well-known aspects, and that is why, no matter the city you choose, you will definitely feel secure. The low costs on living among many other aspects attract overseas investors every year, and numbers say that Thailand, and especially Bangkok are on top list of favorite destinations to live and do business

If you are interested to open a company in Thailand and to start doing business in Bangkok, please do not hesitate to contact our company registration agents in Thailand.

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