Why Open a Hair Transplant Clinic in Thailand?

Updated on Tuesday 28th August 2018

Thailand is a country known for the quality of the medical services and many tourists travel here to schedule needed procedures, along with enjoying its famous beaches and resorts. The fact that Thailand has a modern and well-represented medical field, along with the fact that medical tourists can also enjoy a vacation here are two of the most important reasons why investors should choose to open a hair transplant clinic in Thailand.

Hair transplant clinics in Thailand

Hair transplant is a requested procedure in Thailand. Patients who choose this medical tourism destination have access to complete packages offered by clinics and can also take the time to explore the beauty of the country.

The fact that Thailand has a modern and developed medical system, and most clinics are equipped to Western standards is an important reason why opening a hair transplant clinic can be a lucrative business option. Moreover, these clinics can offer advantageous packages to attract even more patients. The country is in itself a tourist attraction and many patients will find it both affordable and convenient to combine a holiday with a medical procedure such as hair transplant.

Company formation in Thailand is a process that involves several steps and one of our agents can guide you through the entire procedure.

Entering the hair transplant business

Hair loss affects both men and women, although this condition is more prevalent in men (and it is not necessarily age-dependent). Many men are looking for permanent and quality solutions to this aesthetic problem and hair transplant clinics provide solutions through two different types of procedures: the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and the follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Thailand is considered an affordable destination for those looking for quality and professional hair transplant services. The price per hair transplant graft in the country is between 60 and 80 THB (1.58-2.10 EUR) bringing the total cost for 2,000 grafts to approximately 120,000 THB (or around 3,150 EUR). Apart from Thailand, other destinations that offer affordable hair transplant options are India, Mexico, Turkey or Greece. You can check out here the hair transplant cost in Turkey

Opening a hair transplant clinic will require an initial capital and an understanding of the local market for these procedures. Special permits and licenses, as well as the requirement to hire qualified professionals, doctors, and nurses, are common conditions for doing business in this field.

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