Indian Investments in Thailand: a Success Story

Updated on Sunday 13th May 2018

Indian investors are discovering the advantages available to all those who open a company in Thailand. The ease of doing business is one of the top reasons why many investors from India are pleased about their decision to set up a company in the country and manage their ASEAN region operations from here. Foreign entrepreneurs have access to Governmental support through the Board of Investment, but this is not the only reason why Thailand remains a top choice. We look at several reasons why investors from India and beyond are choosing the “Land of Smiles”.

Thailand, praised by Indian investors

Indian entrepreneurs who have chosen to take their business operations outside of their own country have long been looking towards Thailand as a viable option. Today, many Indian business owners are praising the country’s advantages and standing by their choice, saying that Thailand was an excellent choice for investments. This scenario is popular both in the research and development business field but also in the services sector and business-to-business activities.

Investors are saying that Thailand is a good choice because of the ease of doing business but also the business-friendly investment policies and the infrastructure. What’s more, Indian companies are also pleased with the lack of import duties, which is not the case in India.

Reasons why foreign investors choose Thailand

Ease of doing business, a friendly regime and infrastructure may be the top three reasons why investors from India are choosing to open a business in Thailand. But there is much more to the country, starting with the workforce. Thai employees are skilled and a large percentage of the population speaks English, making it easy for foreign investors to have a smooth transition when they first start to do business here.

The Thai Government has been concerned with diversifying the range of investments, from agriculture, to light industries and today moving into areas like technology and innovation. Indian companies have explored these opportunities and there are approximately 40 Indian companies that have invested in software, car development and the chemical sector (with focus on agriculture).

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