Cost of Living in Thailand

Updated on Monday 01st August 2016

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Thailand is well known in the entire world for the beauty of its beaches, serene culture and inexpensive costs of living, which is why numerous entrepreneurs from all over the globe are looking to relocate here in order to start a business. If you are looking to move to the Land of Smiles, you are probably wondering how much less expensive is the cost of living in Thailand compared to other countries. Here are a few guidelines related to the average cost of living in Thailand.

Similarly to most countries, the capital tends to have the highest prices, so we will focus on the average price of living in Bangkok, keeping in mind that in the North region, the prices tend to be lower, especially for real estate rental and monthly bills. Our company formation professionals in Thailand can assist foreign investors to open a business in the country's capital or any other city.

1.    Prices of accommodation in Thailand

In Bangkok, for approximately THB 30,000 monthly, a townhouse or furnished apartment can be rented, being able to also take advantage of a swimming pool, fully equipped gym and security. The same type of accommodation can be rented outside the capital, where more space and luxury can be enjoyed at the same costs.

For the foreign entrepreneurs who dispose of a limited budget, there are studio apartments available everywhere in Bangkok and Thailand for rent at only around THB 2,000 monthly. 

2.    Bills

Electricity can be quite expensive in Thailand, and if you benefit from air conditioning which is switched on 24/7, you can end up with quite a costly bill. Electricity bills in Thailand largely depend on the type of lifestyle you have and the place where you live, leading to costs of living in Thailand which can average from THB 1,000 to THB 4,000 monthly for electricity if you live in a bigger apartment and the air conditioning is being used often.

Mobile phones are a profitable industry in Thailand and a lot of its inhabitants do not use landlines. Mobile phone utilization in this country is quite cheap, offering GPRS internet access with free minutes included, and SIM cards are quite inexpensive.

For a fast internet connection, the bills would cost around THB 1,000 to THB 2,000 per month.

3.    Prices for food in Thailand

A lot of apartments in Thailand do not have kitchens because their inhabitants prefer to eat out, due to the low costs of restaurants and food. A quite hearty meal comprised of rice and noodles at a street food costs only about THB 30 to THB 40 per portion, and at a nicer restaurant you can pay from THB 100 and more per portion. European food tends to be more expensive than the traditional one, with a Big Mac costing around THB 60 to THB 80 and a glass of beer in a European entertainment facility – around THB 60 during Happy Hour and THB 250.

These are only a few of the average costs of living in this country; if you need more details on moving or opening a company in Thailand, please contact our Thai company formation advisors.