A Short Guide to Moving to Thailand

Updated on Wednesday 18th January 2017

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Thailand is the Land of Smiles, where the beautiful culture, the amazing cities and the suitable costs of living are the main aspects to consider when deciding to relocate here. There are many business opportunities in different domains and entrepreneurs worldwide are invited to explore numerous areas of interest, to set up companies and to make good money. Our specialists in company formation in Thailand can offer you proper information about the documents you need to prepare when deciding to open a firm in the country and about the company registration procedure in Thailand.

Relocate to Thailand – What you need to know

Thailand is a popular destination and many entrepreneurs or simple individuals decide to move here and to create a fruitful business. Before making any movement, you should search for a suitable condominium in big cities like Bangkok, Nonthaburi or Chiang Mai. For about THB 40,000 you can rent a luxurious apartment with full options, including internet and cable services, and it is recommended to get in touch with a real estate agency which can help you in this matter for a certain fee. Most people choose to eat in the restaurants or to order all kinds of meals from the catering firms with affordable prices.

If you have decided to open a company in Thailand, according to the rules and regulations stipulated in the Thai Commercial Code, it is good to know that the registration procedure is quite simple for most types of companies available, and the limited liability company in Thailand can be set up with 100% foreign ownership. Entrepreneurs relocating in Thailand choose to open publishing companies, fast food businesses, electronics companies or import-export firms, after obtaining the suitable licenses. One should know that the name reservation for a company can be made online without any particular costs, and the registration for VAT and other social contributions can be made with the Trade Register.

As a reminder, our experts in company formation in Thailand are here to offer the needed information about how to register a company in Thailand and also about the taxation system in the country. 

Move to Bangkok for attractive opportunities

Amazing skyscrapers, excellent vibe, proper means of transportation, affordable costs of living, education and health system are among features to consider when moving to Bangkok, a huge commercial center in Southeast Asia. Overseas entrepreneurs can invest in different areas like manufacturing, web design, engineering, green energy, food industry or oil and petrol industry, and benefit from the incentives implemented by the Thai government. As an investor in Thailand, you can rely on the workforce available in the country, where young people are trained and experienced in different domains of interest.

Overseas citizens who want to work in Thailand can apply for different types of jobs, such as:

•    English teachers;
•    web designer;
•    graphic designer;
•    marketing manager;
•    operations manager;
•    e-commerce accountant;
•    real estate agent;
•    HR administrator;
•    call center agent.

Please get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Thailand for additional information about how to relocate and to set up a company in Thailand.

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