A Record Number of Chinese Tourists in Thailand

Updated on Friday 06th April 2018

Tourism is one of the key contributors to Thailand’s economy and a significant portion of holidaymakers come from China. According to the latest number released by the Tourism Ministry, the number of Chinese visitors reached a record value of 1.2 million in February, thanks to the Lunar New Year. As the total number of expected tourists for 2018 is thought to exceed 30 million, tourism is a business field targeted by many of those who wish to open a company in Thailand.

Thailand, a major tourist destination for Chinese nationals

Chinese visitors gather in large numbers to visit Thailand. The latest report by the Tourism Ministry only confirms this as it was revealed that in February a record number of Chinese nationals entered the country: approximately 1.2 million. The surge was also aided by the fact the Lunar New Year or the Chinese New Year was an opportunity to travel for holiday lovers.

Chinese tourists seem to prefer Thailand and Japan, as these two destinations remain top choices. Thai officials believe that the total number of Chinese tourists in 2018 will reach approximately 10 million and the total number of tourists irrespective of nationality will be around 38 million.

Thailand is making an effort to further develop its infrastructure so that it can welcome and accommodate tourists from around the world. The country is famous for its beach and island destinations and the lifestyle and parties but also for the different, more scenic landscape to the north.

Investments in tourism in Thailand

Entrepreneurs who open a company in Thailand will naturally explore the vast array of opportunities the tourism industry has to offer. the investment landscape in Thailand is changing and, together with this change comes a greater degree of liberalization for various industries. Tourism is one of the business sectors that benefit from certain incentives.

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