A Guide for Property Acquisition in Thailand

Updated on Sunday 18th September 2016

A Guide for Property Acquisition in Thailand Image
Thailand represents one of the most attractive markets for foreign property investments in the world. Foreign investors who are attracted by the concept of opening a company in Thailand or investing in the local real estate market should be well informed on the procedure of acquiring a property in this country. Here is a brief guide for property acquisition in Thailand which should come handy if you are looking to invest in this field in the Land of Smiles put togehter by our company registration advisors in Thailand

Find a lawyer in Thailand

One of the first things to do before a property acquisition in Thailand is to find a lawyer to check all the documentation and give you advice on the purchase. A Thai lawyer who is specialized in real estate transactions in Thailand can assist you to become familiarized with the local legislation and simplify the buying process. 

Choose an agent and the property

Finding an agent who can show you different properties or guide you through virtual tours if you are abroad should be fairly interesting and exciting. Among the questions which you should ask your agent and lawyer, we recommend you to find out details about the neighborhood, nearby facilities, schools, public means of transportation, shopping and anything else which you might need. Our Thailand company formation professionals can direct you to a reputed real estate agent in the country. 

Find out the legal aspects of owning a piece of real estate in Thailand

A foreign citizen who wish to acquire a condominium in Thailand should be aware that the local legislation does not allow the foreigner to own more than 49% of the entire space of the condominium project. A foreign citizen proprietor can also transfer a property to other foreigners if he or she owns a freehold condominium unit. Our Thai company formation advisors can offer more details on this matter.

Owning land in Thailand

Commonly, foreign citizens are not allowed to directly buy land in Thailand. There are however different options for foreign citizens who wish to own land in this country. One of the most common ones is opening a limited company in Thailand which can own the land in his or her behalf. Another option would be to enter into a long term leasehold with the land proprietor. 

Our Thai company formation specialists can advise you on the different options of purchasing property in Thailand. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for thorough guidance and assistance.

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