5 Common Investment Mistakes in Thailand

Updated on Wednesday 08th February 2017

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Interesting culture, amazing cities, beautiful landscapes and lots of business opportunities for all overseas entrepreneurs are considered when relocating to Thailand, to explore all the possibilities. Businessmen are also interested in investing a good part of the profits in Thailand, which is why it is recommended to analyze the market, in order to avoid possible mistakes. The Stock Exchange of Thailand can be a powerful and interesting tool, therefore, special attention is mandatory when making investments in the country. Before we describe the 5 common mistakes to avoid when making investments, we remind that our company formation specialists in Thailand are able to offer suitable information and guidance for all local and foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Thailand.

1. Don’t forget to create an investment plan

Before making any movement on the market it is suggested to create an investment plan after a proper analysis of the domain you wish to invest in. The future profits and the financial benefits will pretty much depend on a strong investment plan, which needs to contain verified strategies according to the significant markets.

2.  Don’t hesitate to set personal goals when coming to Thailand

First of all, an investor needs to determine and to settle his goals if he decides to invest in Thailand. Trustworthy reasons and proper investment plans need to be considered before anything else. A long-term strategy is an excellent option, which can boost earnings for the years to come.

3. Be patient! Profits do not come over night!

This is one of the most common mistakes a financier can make when deciding to invest in Thailand! Making investments takes time, no matter the chosen domain, therefore, it is recommended to be patient and to analyze the market, in order to correctly understand what you are about to do.

4. Balancing the risk with the reward. How can it be done?

This is the moment when an investor needs to understand the following words: with no pain, there is no gain! In other words, the essence of the investment strategy means matching the risks with the final reward. It is recommended to forcefully invest if the reward deserves the risk. As a reminder, the company registration in Thailand can be an easy process if you ask for help and assistance from our company formation consultants in Thailand.

5. Consider the taxation system in Thailand, but don’t focus only on it!

Selling investments mean paying fees, which are known as transaction expenses, every investor deals with. You need to consider them, but don’t pull back if you want to sell and you are obliged to pay the taxes. First of all, you should analyze if the portfolio performance will be affected by such transactions.

Please feel free to contact our specialists in company formation in Thailand if you want to invest in Thailand and you need custom-made services.

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