3 Online Business Ideas in Thailand

Updated on Sunday 12th March 2017

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With plenty of investment opportunities in numerous important economic sectors, Thailand is also chosen for the online business environment which develops daily and becomes attractive for all foreigners who want to find other ways of making money. If you want to set up an online business in Thailand, it is recommended to solicit guidance and information in this matter from our Thai company formation experts. They can also provide you with details about the company registration procedure in Thailand.

1. Open a web design company in Thailand

Numerous entrepreneurs in Thailand, with small or medium businesses, might not be aware of the power of online advertising and the development possibilities a website can offer to a business or are simply too busy to consider such aspects. A web design company in Thailand can be an interesting online business idea if you have decided to relocate here and to make some profits. The company registration in Thailand for an online business that generates money is similar to any type of company you might choose, where opening a bank account and registering for VAT are mandatory. It is good to know that there are no expenses to consider for hiring staff, you can work on your own for the beginning and you will only spend money on transportation when meeting with the potential clients. It is recommended to analyze the market and the Thai companies in need of your web design services and then you can set up a plan of business development in this field. If you want to open a company in Thailand, it is recommended to solicit help and complete guidance from our specialists in company formation in Thailand.

2. Set up an online travel agency in Thailand

Thailand is an impressive country, with rich culture and traditions and growing tourism. If you have decided to relocate here for different reasons including the one related to a business idea, you might want to explore the possibilities of opening an online travel agency in Thailand. The scope of this business is to promote the country and all kinds of travel packages abroad. Starting such business implies contracting and promoting different Thai or foreign travel agencies for tourists, where sale commissions will be considered as your personal profits in this domain. The more you get involved in your tourism business, the more income you will get. And a good advertising might be the key to your success.

We remind that you get obtain information about how to open a company in Thailand from our advisors. If you are interested in registering a company in Thailand, make sure to solicit guidelines and help when preparing the documents.

3. Set up an online caterer platform in Thailand

The food business in Thailand is continuously growing. There are many restaurants, fast foods, or coffee shops in the country, but how about gathering them in just one place for persons who are too busy to enjoy the lunch or any meal in the city? This kind of business can be set up quite easy and requires the IT basic knowledge related to opening a blog or web page. The next step is to gather in just one place details about the most wanted and appreciated restaurants or fast foods that make deliveries at home or at work. With just a click, a person can analyze the offer and then order from your online platform. Such business is profitable and the money can be easily done with the proper advertising. You can also make some deals with the restaurants you intend to promote on your platform. There are so many business opportunities in the online sector which are continuously growing.

Please feel free to contact our team of company formation specialists for additional information in this matter and for details about how to set up a company in Thailand.

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